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Rwanda: " We place our faith in human rights "

New Times Rwanda reports

Is HRW merely an embedded undercover political actor?

                                                 Obviously not the same picture as used in the New Times report

The Ministry of Justice has released an assessment of the work Human Rights Watch carries out in Rwanda. The New Times publishes the assessment in full.
1. It has become inevitable that Rwanda critically reassesses the current relationship with Human Rights Watch (HRW) and seek answers to questions such as: who and for what objectives does the organisation serve? What motivations lie behind their publications? Is it a bona fide, independent human rights watcher or an embedded undercover political actor? To whom is HRW accountable and to whom does one complain when the organisation is thought to be involved in acts harmful to one’s interest?
The history of Human Rights Watch is fairly easy to discover. Interestingly if you follow the link you will find this.
" In the past, the Human Rights Watch has played a notable role in documenting events of ethnic cleansing in Rwanda and Bosnia, and of the Kurds in Iraq. In the case of Rwanda, the HRW had been proactive in their warning of ethnic tensions in the region - tensions that ultimately led to the bloody genocide in 1994. While other organizations failed to take action when the killing began, Dr. Alison Des Forges, senior advisor to the HRW’s Africa decision at the time, did everything in her power to save victims, as she had dedicated her life’s work to the region and then to the genocide’s aftermath. Forges’ detailed account of the events were later outlined in her award-winning book Leave None to Tell the Story, she appeared as a top witness in eleven ensuing trials, including that of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and she provided many documents and other forms of assistance for four other judicial proceedings involving the genocide. Working for the HRW, she used her authority to never let the crimes of the Rwandan government forces go unnoticed or unprosecuted. In this way, she represents the integrity of the Human Rights Watch in their commitment to bringing truth to the people and defending and protecting their rights."
The problem from Rwanda's perspective of course is that human rights are universal, or to put it more succinctly the citizens of the Eastern DR Congo have rights and those rights include not being robbed, raped and murdered  by Rwandan soldiers and proxy Rwandan forces such as M23 operating illegally in Congolese territory. 
2. In 2011, the Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with HRW that defines the terms of their work in Rwanda. It has been renewed annually. We are now in the third year. The overall aim is to work jointly and consistently to achieve broad protection of human rights in Rwanda.
Yes well if your regime's primary foreign policy goal is to annex huge parts of an other nations territory, namely the DR Congo as well as suppressing any domestic opposition to your regime whilst at the same time signing an agreement with an organisation whose raison d'etre is to expose such crimes well....Kagame isn't really very smart.  
3. In article VI(6), HRW committed itself to “high ethical standards, rigorous methodology and analysis to produce evidence based information.” 
Yup something that Rwanda would not and indeed could not do. The Kagame regime is notable for its total lack of ethics. The irony I see is that word " evidence " something no court in Rwanda ever troubles itself with. That said this is the efforts of the Rwandan Ministry of Justice. Justice is a joke in Rwanda. 
4. Article VIII provides for the building of mutual trust and a good faith practice of dialogue which “…would promote openness and transparency.” The MoU contains many more noble ideals which the Ministry has lived up to.
LMAO. The Rwandan Ministry of Justice sits in judgement over itself and concludes it is a noble institution. I am tempted by the " fox in charge of the chicken run " analogy, but the truth is foxes have a more refined appreciation of justice than any member of the Rwandan government and chickens can occasionally escape. This is more like putting rabbits in charge of the lettuce patch.
5. The ministry has observed a consistent and persistent pattern of actions, activities and publications on the part of HRW that the Ministry finds capable of only one explanation: a deliberate, sustained, and politically motivated propaganda campaign against the Government of Rwanda.
" Deliberate and sustained "... Yup. It is the role of HRW to document abuses of human rights. The government of Rwanda commits so many abuses and HRW has no alternative as should be the case, but to document them.
6. More particularly, HRW seems to have become more overtly the campaign mouthpiece of the FDLR, the armed genocidaires who after committing genocide in Rwanda in 1994, were given safe passage to eastern DR Congo and have been accorded, ever since, a lucrative safe haven and  shelter from justice.
Whoops bit of a fuck up Rwanda.I will remind my readers of the efforts of HRW to bring to justice the genocidaires of the previous regime. From above.
"...Working for the HRW, she used her authority to never let the crimes of the Rwandan government forces go unnoticed or unprosecuted. In this way, she represents the integrity of the Human Rights Watch in their commitment to bringing truth to the people and defending and protecting their rights."
The Kagame regime seem to think they are immune from criticism and should anyone dare to do so they will kill them and boast about it. The implication that HRW granted safe passage to the FDLR genocidaires is laughable. Stalin in a conversation with Pierre Laval said " The Pope! How many divisions has he got? " 

Today they have turned that area into the country’s loot and rape region. It is a known fact that the FDLR, continues to, plan, train and destabilise Rwanda through incessant armed incursions, terrorist attacks and commits a host of other small and big criminal acts on Rwanda soil.
"Rwanda is actively supporting the M23 rebels in DR Congo despite the group being responsible for a series of murders, rapes and forced recruitment of children, a report by a respected human rights group has alleged.
Since March, the M23 has established a reign of terror in areas of eastern DR Congo with the assent and cooperation of the Rwandan government in Kigali, according to a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).
"Not only is Rwanda allowing its territory to be used by the abusive M23 to get recruits and equipment, but the Rwandan military is still directly supporting the M23," said Daniel Bekele, Africa director at HRW.
It is also not in doubt that, given the opportunity, the FDLR would, again and again, attempt to finish their unfinished genocide business.
This blog has never and will never support the FDLR I despise them. The reality is that the FDLR is now a force of about 1400 members who have the operational ability to do little more than get themselves killed, they are also in the process of surrendering to MONUSCO. Stupid is as stupid does. Paul Kagame, the world is not stupid. You are. 
7. Late in 2013, intelligence intercepted information from an FDLR commander in DR congo in which he was instructing a group of operatives to/from Rwanda to immediately inform HRW should they be suspected and/or arrested. This commander supplied a HRW staff e-mail address. This information was recently shared with HRW’s Lewis Mudge.
Love the way that this allegation is backed up with facts that can be attributed to a source. Mr Mudge it would seem has not backed this up. Could it be that Rwanda is yet again lying ?

8. The members of this particular group were subsequently arrested at diifferent times and places both on Rwandan territory and beyond. They included Lt. Joel Mutabazi, a deserter from the Rwanda Defence Forces. 
" The latest development follows the arrest and extradition to Rwanda of Lt Joel Mutabazi – a former personal bodyguard of Rwandese president Paul Kagame – without following the due process. 

Following Mutabazi’s extradition, the United Nation’s High Commission for Refugees lodged a formal complaint to government resulting into the suspension of Joel Aguma – the deputy CIID director in charge of crime intelligence. 
It’s alleged that Aguma coordinated the arrest and extradition of Mutabazi last month. 

Long sought after by the Rwandese government, Mutabazi had been granted asylum in Uganda, although according to Police Spokesperson, Judith Nabakoba, Kigali had handed the Ugandan authorities his warrant of arrest over criminal charges related to a bank robbery. "
So the illegal kidnapping of a former and disillusioned member of Kagame's inside circle who had been granted refugee status by the UN or in other words a gross crime against human rights committed by Rwanda and the fools think that they can publish this and expect the world to take it seriously ?
The group is currently being prosecuted for, inter alia, terrorism and complicity in terrorism. Prosecution says they had evidence that Mutabazi stage-managed an armed attack on his Kampala residence in the night. The case is still before court and we cannot prejudge. Inspite of this, HRW claimed, through mass publication again, that Rwanda government agents had attacked Mutabazi.
Well no. The press did. That happens when " Rwanda government agents had attacked Mutabazi." shit like this happens. He is not in Uganda but is in Rwanda ? A fact . Whoops fucking it up is almost compulsory if you are a Rwandan. 
9. Lt. Mutabazi was handed to the Rwanda National Police (RNP) by the Ugandan Police.  The government has, in compliance with the law, refrained from discussing this case in the media or elsewhere as it is before the courts. 
Yes and if I was running HRW that would worry me. 
HRW has, however, in the guise of human rights work, unilaterally mounted a relentless campaign against the RNP and attacking the independence of Rwanda’s judiciary by making unevidenced “findings” that Lt. Mutabazi was abducted from Uganda, that he was tortured and forced to confess to crimes, usurping the courts’ role in the process and putting the courts’ capacity to issue restraining orders to stress tests.
"..relentless campaign against the RNP "  The current regime. The crazy thing is none of this is denied as yet. The killers in Kigali really think they can pull it off.
Flouting and operating above the laws protecting the independence of the judiciary and providing for contempt of court has been a HRW trademark. 
We hoped that open and transparent engagement would yield a minimum of respect for the law. Careful evaluation of HRW’s conduct in its whole existence in Rwanda, however, shows us clearly the strategy has not worked.
Actually just give me one judgement, just one that is the result of an independent judiciary ... you can't. No such judgement exists.
 I can't be bothered. Rwanda's lairs will discover justice. I hope I have helped. 

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