Friday, June 13, 2014

DR Congo / Rwanda: More bullshit from Louise Mushikiwabo

Chimp Reports ( Uganda ) reports

BREAKING: DRC Army Intensifies Bombardment of Rwandan Territory

                                                               The eastern DR Congo

The DRC army, known by its French acronym, FARDC has Thursday amassed heavily-armed troops and heavy artillery near the border with Rwanda before shelling inside the Rwandan territory, in what appears as a carefully planned military onslaught

It seems unlikely. The Congo DRC News Facebook ( this is a M23 site and should be treated with some skepticism ) page reports in French ( Google Translation ) 

" Some sources accuse the FARDC have crossed the border in an attempt to steal a cow in Rwanda. Other sources speak of a provocation on the part of the Rwandan army. "

If the Congolese Army think they have the ability to defeat the RDF in Rwanda they are deluding themselves. The cow story is plausible enough, normally I wouldn't be the least bit surprised by the provocation allegation on the part of the RDF .  

The development has puzzled observers with many wondering why FARDC, which is known to be less powerful than the battle-hardened and more experienced Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF), would risk Rwanda’s wrath.

It was earlier thought that the Wednesday morning clashes between FARDC and RDF were accidental.

However, Chimpreports understands that today morning; FARDC again pounded Busasamana in Rwanda, sending hundreds scampering for safety.

I noticed this story yesterday and was at a loss to explain why FARDC would piss off the RDF for no real reason today however we have a further development reported again by Uganda's Chimp Report  

" Following clashes between the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, a team of military investigators on Thursday visited the border areas to probe circumstances into the eyebrow-raising incidents.

The Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (EJVM) toured Busasamana Sector in Rwanda which was Wednesday attacked by elements of the Congolese army known by its French acronym FARDC."

The Mechanism is a technical body, comprising military experts from both DRC and Rwanda, and supported by the African Union and the UN, to address DRC-Rwanda border security issues, amongst other tasks.

From Rwanda villages, the team, which also comprised journalists and military attaches, also crossed to DRC side where 5 bodies of Congolese soldiers were found."

Or in other words the facts as reported by Chimp Report yesterday don't really tie in with the situation on the ground. Five dead Congolese soldiers killed by the RDF in Rwanda would have given some legitimacy to the Rwandan outrage, it was a situation I felt might be plausible when the reported " cow napping " was considered. However there seems to be no argument that the FARDC soldiers were killed by the RDF in the DR Congo. That alone puts a very different spin on these reports. 

Sources at the border said DRC troops were bringing tanks closer to the Rwandan border and that some FDLR elements were embedded within FARDC apparently as part of a wider plan to launch a full-scale war on Rwanda.

Really ? Five dead Congolese soldiers killed by the Rwandan military on the sovereign territory of the DR Congo and the interpretation of this is that the Congolese army having moved soldiers and equipment to the border are planning to invade Rwanda.

“There are hundreds of DRC soldiers at Ruhunda who poured in under the cover of darkness. By morning, almost a battalion had reached there. The soldiers appear to be in a war mood,” said a Corp at the border of the two countries.

FARDC claims killing some Rwandan soldiers, but Kigali on Wednesday announced that only 5 of DRC soldiers had been killed in the fighting.

That is interesting. and the EJVM finds those soldiers bodies in the Congo whilst this report, which no one could doubt emanates from Rwanda suggests this was FARDC aggression. So we can conclude once again this is yet more Rwandan lies. 

The Rwandan government on Wednesday sternly warned it “stands ready to act to protect its citizens,” following attacks by elements of the DRC army.

In a strong-worded statement, Rwanda Foreign Affairs Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo said “a series of actions by the DRC continue to undermine regional efforts towards peace,” adding, "The DRC government should take care not to cultivate unnecessary provocation and stop its soldiers from repeatedly crossing into the Rwandan villages.”

The Rwandan Government is composed of lairs and Louise Mushikiwabo is one of the most accomplished experienced lairs ( note; I did not say plausible ) they have.

Rwanda revealed that on Wednesday morning in Rusura cell in the sector of Busasamana, a section of the DRC army crossed the border to Rwanda where they opened fired on a Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) patrol.

“The RDF retaliated and the resulting exchange of fire killed one FARDC soldier identified as Hategekimana Boysiro. The RDF immediately requested the Extended Joint Verification Mechanism for an independent assessment but their access to the site was denied by DRC authorities.”

Rwandan revelations that are now proven to be bullshit. The soldiers were killed in the DR Congo where their remains were found. The EJVM was not denied access. Hilarious on one level that Rwanda demanded then got the EJVM inspection that disproved the Rwandan version of events. Not at all funny though if you consider that five Congolese soldiers were killed by the RDF in this attempt to continue the Rwandan destabilisation of the Eastern DR Congo.  

Government also pointed out that the “morning attacks were followed by a second attempt by two FARDC platoons to deploy into Rwanda that resulted in further exchange of fire leaving four FARDC soldiers dead.”

Yes... the Rwandan version just doesn't add up when today's revelations are factored in.

DRC army spokesperson, Olivier Hamuli denied accusations that FARDC attacked Rwanda.

“RDF soldiers attacked our positions in Kanyesheja around 5:00am which compelled FARDC to react accordingly,” said Hamuli.

That has a ring of truth to it, it is certainly consistent with the facts as reported now.

This website understands Rwanda has also tightened security along its border amid the escalating tensions.

Which may explain the whole incident. Rwanda want's to invade the DR Congo and knows it needs to have away of convincing the International Community it is justified because the International Community is sick to the death of Rwanda. Predictably Rwanda fucked it up.

These attacks come less than a year after a series of bombs were launched on Rwandan territory by FARDC during the war against the M23 movement in Eastern Congo.

Except they weren't launched by the FARDC at Rwanda but  from Rwanda's proxy M23 into into Rwanda or in other words yet another attempt to alter international opinion with idiotic lies that are exposed as such within a few hours much as is the case here. 

On a side note the Chimp Reports needs to employ a few journalists or give up the reporting game. This is just awful work.  

" The accusations by the DRC government minister support claims from the United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUSCO) officials that the Rwandan backed M23 Congolese rebels have fired rockets into Rwanda on Thursday August 22, 2013 (see our article: Rwandan Military Accuses FARDC of Bombing Rwanda As M23 Rebels Resume Combats. On Friday, August 23, 2013, the UN officials in New York confirmed that M23 rebels bombed Rwandan territory and also destroyed telecommunications infrastructure used by MONUSCO in the city of Goma, Eastern DRC, including a phone tower."

This includes an attack in August 2013 where a bomb launched from DRC territory landed in a marketplace in Bugangari, killing Vestine Mukagasana and seriously injuring her two months old son.

Terrible to think that the Rwandan Government came up with a plan to change the opinion of the world that involved killing its own citizens, was caught out and yet we now see essentially the same objective and an equally stupid plan. This regime is toxic. 

Mushikiwabo warned the DRC leadership against any further hostilities:

While the eyes of the world are watching, the stupid bitch Mushikiwabo thinks Rwanda can indulge in idiotic  murderous foolishness, release disinformation and some how think we will be sucked in ... it beggars belief.  

“These actions by the DRC are jeopardising the region’s extensive efforts to ensure peace, stability and development for all our citizens. We urge the leadership of the DRC to embrace the logic of peace and end all attacks on the Rwandan territory. Rwanda stands ready to act to protect its citizens.”

Yes as Mushikiwabo is not very bright, I might suggest next time Rwanda wants to indulge in such stupidity take the killed soldiers bodies back across the border to Rwanda, it won't help much but it will buy you a further 24 to 48 hours of time before the world can prove you are lying.

Rwanda said in the past three months, the DRC has unilaterally closed its border with Rwanda, imposed visa fees despite regional and bilateral agreements and failed to honour their commitment to neutralise the FDLR militia operating in the DRC for the last twenty years.

In other words the DR Congo has asserted sovereignty over its territory against a hostile neighbour, namely Rwanda. The FDLR issue is one Rwanda have a legitimate interest in but they are an excuse. Rwanda will be consulted in the fullness of time but the FDLR remain a problem for MONUSCO and the Congolese government at this point. Rwanda is attempting to trigger yet another crisis in the eastern DR Congo using the FDLR as an excuse. This is not about the 1994 genocide, this is about Bulcanisation. 


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