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Rwanda: Rewarding the rapist. The Ban & Jim Show.

New Times ( Rwanda ) reports

World Bank, UN chiefs hail Rwanda’s gender policies

This was the highest-profile sexual-violence case ever tried in the Central African country, and it brought a landmark verdict in a nation where thousands are believed to be raped each year by soldiers and militia groups that often go unpunished.

UN Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon and World Bank president, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, have hailed Rwanda’s commitment to end Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The two officials made the remarks yesterday after holding talks with President Kagame at Village Urugwiro.

Oh please no. Is Ban-ki Moon that much of a fool. Actually I suspect he is, President Paul Kagame  is the man behind  M23 and much of the rape in the DR Congo. It would seem to me at any rate the man who this week advertised his ignorance of the DR Congo and the Congolese with the clanger " Congolians "   can't even be bothered listening to the advise of his own advisers.

“Conflict-related sexual violence is one of the most urgent ones. It is important to remember that it is not only a UN issue, however, but one which requires the leadership, ownership, and responsibility of the Government of the DRC,” she stated.

The Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Hawa Bangura

It was the first time the heads of both institutions travelled together for a common purpose.

Jim said that during his visit, he was impressed by two best practices: a housing project for disabled ex-combatants who include former FDLR militia and the government’s commitment in fighting GBV.

“I have never seen a country approach the issue of Gender based violence as you have. Rwanda demonstrates the best example in women empowerment,” he said.

I am struggling at this point. Kagame might like to explain the situation that Victoire Ingabire finds her self in. GBV along with political repression are of course standard practice for a Crocodile.

“I appreciate your commitment to your people. You are a great inspiration to me,” he said, pledging to continue working with the UN. “I hope many African countries will emulate Rwanda.”

On his part, Ban praised the country’s progress and the leadership of President Kagame.

“I have admiration for President Kagame for his leadership and commitment, not only in the region, but in making his people prosperous,’” he noted.

I really think it is about time the UN turfed this vacuous fool out. The UN are a wast of space in the DR Congo and Moon should fall on his sword for that reason alone although there are many other reasons that occur to me. 

The duo arrived in Rwanda yesterday on a regional tour which has also taken them to Mozambique and DRC. They will then head to Uganda and Ethiopia.

The tour is aimed at coordinating their efforts in building peace and stability in Africa, especially in the Great Lakes Region and reinforcing partnerships between the United Nations and the World Bank towards Africa’s development.

They toured a project for disabled demobilised soldiers in Nyarugunga, Kigali and paid tribute to victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi at Gisozi Memorial Centre.

They also toured Isange One Stop Centre which provides response, care and support to GBV victims, before laying a foundation stone for the Centre of Excellence for the fight against violence against girls and women in conflict situations at the Headquarters of the Rwandan National Police.

I quite like Alex Engwete's take on this.

" Well, for one, in the the DRC, where thousands of women were raped by Rwandan and Ugandan armed goons during the 5-year occupation of the country by Rwanda and Uganda, there's just no way that politicians would be telling people that they'd be emulating the hypocritical and murderous regime of Kagame on any topic--and especially GBV--any time soon."

The centre is an initiative of security organs from thirteen countries in Africa to respond to the global fight to end violence against women and girls.

Speaking after laying the foundation stone,  the UN boss said the new centre will coordinate efforts of Africa’s army and police officers to fight against gender based violence which constitutes a new hope for women and girls still suffering in the continent’s conflict-torn regions.

“This Centre will enhance cooperation between security institutions across Africa,” Ban said. “It will strengthen mechanisms and policies to prioritise prevention and address violence against women and children, especially in conflict.”

The ceremony was attended by Rwanda’s Inspector General of Police Emmanuel Gasana, Minister for Family and Gender Promotion, Oda Gasinzigwa, and Minister for Internal Security, Sheikh Musa Fasil Harerimana.

Citing the one-stop centres where victims and survivors can receive free legal and medical assistance and counselling, community policing, gender desks in the National Police and Defence Forces, and how the country remains Africa’s leading contributor of female police officers to the United Nations peacekeeping missions, Ban concluded that Rwandans “have made a profound difference.”

Rwanda has been registering GBV cases and helping those who are affected through initiatives to reach out to the victims.

About 69 per cent of the GBV victims who are received at the Kacyiru Police Hospital-based Isange One Stop Centre which assists people affected by GBV are women.

At least 5,216 GBV cases have so far been registered at the centre since July, 2009.

With the new centre of excellence against GBV, Rwanda is set to host a continental Secretariat to coordinate efforts by police and army officers to protect women and girls against violence.

Ban and Jim are expected to make a joint pronouncement on their support to Rwanda and the region as a whole and offer tangible, short and medium term financial and technical assistance for the development aspects.

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