Sunday, May 26, 2013

DR Congo: Goma Fire adds to the devastation.

Charly Kasereka at L'ACTU DU KIVU reports.

 ( Being functionally illiterate in French I have used  Google Translate. The pictures are Charly's ) 

Dilemma in desolation and insecurity in Goma.
                                                7 burned in the Virunga / Q area north of Goma house

 After suffering the effects of the shells fell on goma, a fire was reported last Thursday evening to VIRUNGA district, commune of Karisimbi, City of Goma where many valuables were burned, fortunately there was no loss of lives.

Less than 48 hours after the incident, on the night of Friday and Saturday 25, thieves not otherwise identified armed robbery have raided seven residential houses.

 Money, phones and other property values ​​have been won. Victims of systematic looting were beaten and even hurt. A police officer who lives in the area came to the rescue, but in vain. The attackers vanished into the wild after their package. So far no result.

 Security should be intensified over the whole of the Northern Province - Kivu. The population of the city of Goma led a hard life, with psychosis fights that are reported in the hills and MUJA Mutaho just 13 kilometers north of Goma city center.

                                                          A line to get 20 liters of water after 3 hours of waiting

Not only is this fear especially in the neighborhoods north of downtown. it's been over a week that drinking water does not run during the day to our taps.

 Until then, REGIDESO (public state company responsible for the production and distribution of water) has not yet decided to Gomatraciens can explain the problem that causes the water cut for more than a week.

Girls, boys and parents are forced to wake up very early to get this food became scarce, while the risks are many to many-including sexual violence, harassment and killings for us northerners Goma .

 With unemployment whether youth as with their parents, everyone throws in the informal self-help, and the little that we can win is won by people of ill will to make it poor benefit.

A challenge to relever.nous need a real leader in this country. What day Northern Province - Kivu will be stable? What is the nose is the problem of the Northern Province - Kivu?

One thing that always makes exception in the DRC, the leaders of public companies do not have the culture to resign if they are failed in the execution of their mission to serve the nation.

                                                      A father with his bike to meet the needs of his family

                                                          Looking for a commodity that has become rare in Goma

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