Monday, March 18, 2013

Zimbabwe: Mugabe aided by the Vatican and Batshit Crazy

New Vision reports

Zimbabwe's Mugabe travels to Vatican for papal inauguration

HARARE - Zimbabwe's long-ruling President Robert Mugabe will attend the inauguration of Pope Francis in Rome this week, his spokesman said on Sunday.

The 89-year-old, who is a conservative Catholic, has been subject to a European Union travel ban since 2002 following allegations of election rigging and human rights abuses.

Yes well the Catholic Church's record on human rights particularly sexual abuse is well known. That they welcome one of the most evil men in Africa  ( and that is saying something ) should be no surprise. 

However, he is able to travel to the Vatican, which is technically a state within a state and not part of the EU, although any visitor must pass through Italian territory.

Something that really undermines the whole point of the European travel ban. I wonder if that is something that has actually occurred to the Roman Curia. They are meant to be a responsible civil service. Is it time to bring sanctions against the Vatican ? Actually a travel ban would seem appropriate. 

Pope Francis will be officially installed as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church on Tuesday, the Vatican said last week. A papal inaugural mass is customarily attended by heads of state and governments.

Yeah I guess they have a point but so are Presidential inaugurations and I very much doubt that Mugabe gets to many of them, outside of those of his Crocodile mates in Africa.

Mugabe, who has ruled the southern African country since independence from Britain in 1980, was expected to leave for Rome late on Sunday, a day after Zimbabweans voted in a referendum expected to endorse a new constitution that would curb presidential powers.

Actually it will curb future presidents powers assuming future presidents don't just ignore it, which as they are likely to come from Zanu PF, seems a forgone conclusion. As for Mugabe the curbs won't effect him in any way, that said him losing the election wouldn't effect the status quo in anyway either.

Mugabe last visited the Vatican in April 2011 when he joined world dignitaries for the beatification of Pope John Paul.

One of the shorter Papacies Pope John Paul at 33 days mind you there are 9 of his predecessors who managed even short reigns. That of itself would seem to be a good reason to make him a saint. 

He has staunchly opposed gay rights that he says are immoral and not compatible with African cultural practices in Zimbabwe.

Lectures on morality from Mugabe. That is rich.

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