Saturday, March 16, 2013

Africa: Mandela getting older

New Vision ( Uganda ) reports

Mandela's memory fading, says close friend

JOHANNESBURG – Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s frail anti-apartheid hero who spent a night in hospital at the weekend for a medical checkup, is doing well but has memory lapses, a close friend said on Monday.

Renowned South African human rights lawyer George Bizos, who defended Mandela during his 1960s treason trial, said that while the 94-year-old is aware of currents political events, he forgets at times that his fellow anti-apartheid activists are dead.

“Unfortunately he sometimes forgets that one or two of them had passed on and has a blank face when you tell him that Walter Sisulu and some others are no longer with us,” Bizos told Eyewitness News in an interview published on Monday.

At 94 when you have achieved what he has you have the right to be a little forgetful. there can be no doubting Mandela's stature as certainly the greatest political leader of Africa if not the world during the 20th century.
Sisulu, the former leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) who was Mandela’s political mentor, died nearly a decade ago.

Bizos, who has been friends with Mandela since the 1940s, paid a visit to the Nobel Peace Prize winner at his Johannesburg home just over a week ago.

“I saw him about 10 days ago. He looked okay,” said Bizos.

Last June I blogged about Mandela with regard to a book I was reading, When Mandela Goes.

" Mandela was called back. Why didn't he go to an outfitter in the town that F.W. favoured, get what he needed, and simply send the money afterwards or arrange payment for when he next returned to Cape Town ?
Well, no, that wouldn't really work either,Mandela mused. He felt he couldn't impose because, you see, he had never bought at that shop before and they couldn't be expected to give him ' an account'.

The exact response of the PS is not recorded, but you can fill in something like: sweet suffering mackerel. you're Nelson Mandela.You're the single most trusted person in the world today. The World Bank would give you a fiscus of credit without even a handshake."

That sums the man up. 
Mandela was on Saturday admitted into hospital for “a scheduled medical check-up to manage the existing conditions in line with his age”, the South African presidency said.

The hospitalisation came less than three months after he was treated for a lung infection and gallstones.

Bizos represented Mandela and other leading anti-apartheid activists including Sisulu and Govan Mbeki, during the infamous 1960s Rivonia Trial that saw Mandela sentenced to life in prison.

When Mandela goes the world will be a far poorer place.

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