Friday, March 22, 2013

DR Congo: The Tshukudeurs of Goma.

Charly Kasereka blogs ( in French ). Google translates tells the story. 



The Chukudu Made in Goma this honor on March 16 before a large crowd and mingle with Expatriates of MONUSCO, the chukudeurs Goma and Nyiragongo territory were in a race rich in color.

The first race BIZIMUNGU and 3 following each received a bike worth 120 to 150 U.S. dollars.
All content of the organization of this event have thanked volunteer event.

The Chukudeurs Goma and those near Nyiragongo Territory for the race

 Useful, Tshukudu help in the internal transport of goods in Goma, a local craft made from wood.

The brave fellow, hardworking and determined, all ages, give themselves body and soul in search of daily bread. One can believe that it is in this context that these young adults have reflected a particular means of transport, the Tshukudu. It is a device made from local wood. Useful in the internal transport of goods. Its usefulness is huge for residents of the resort town and its surroundings


It should be noted, however, the limitations of this scooter in respect of certain goods commonly trafficked site, including eggs, glass and other fragile items.
    The Tshukudeurs (who guide these scooters) are visible throughout the city of Goma. Some are long distances carrying heavy loads sometimes.

 Having dropped out of school for lack of means, now father, Mr LOMEYA KBD manufactures and led Tshukudu to live: "I started this bolt Kanyabayonga since 1985, and I manage to feed and clothe my family thanks the art that certain negligent. Tshukudu here in Goma is not suitable because of the relief of our city, but we adapt our models incorporating large tires, and it is difficult to drive in places where there are too many stones also congestion of vehicles "
 This activity takes daily and responsible young families, especially in the northern part of the city of Goma, contributes so little to the reduction of unemployment. "With this machine," Tshukudu the "Democratic Republic of Congo have something original to show the face of the world"

Chukudu has a decorated for the Motorcycle Racing

Total of 125 Chukudeurs were present for the celebration, and 8 expatriates of MONUSCO

Hat Tip:  Charly at L'ACTU DU KIVU

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