Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Michelle Obama Nude ( sort of )

I was totally unaware of the Michelle Obama controversy raging in Europe until checking out 
Alex's blog however it would seem Fuera de Serie a Spanish magazine have done some creative revisionism. Below is a translation, thanks google not sure I am enlightened at all

Michelle Obama eats

Never said it ensures that well-known that behind every great man there is a great woman was so successful in describing the Obama marriage. In the shadow of the U.S. President is a person whose popularity ratings exceed those of Barack own. This person is none other than his wife Michelle, who stars in the cover of the magazine this week.

Political communication experts are no strangers to the overwhelming charm of the first lady and, knowing this, she even point will be key to the reelection of Democrat in the next presidential election to be held in November. To find out how Michelle has managed to seduce the American people, the journalist Paul Scarpellini detail the secrets of women who not only won the hearts of Barack Obama.

The supplement of the newspaper El Mundo on Sunday also brings other characters as the prestigious fashion designer Elena Benarroch, which just opened shop and collection inspired by the 80s, the versatile Antonia Dell'Atte or actor and Santi Millán.

Besides these names, you will discover the fascinating stories of Hotel Formentor Majorca, where they have vacationed several generations of international jet or know the dark personality that was behind the genius of the father of relativity, Albert Einstein.

Alex however is a far more artistic sole than me

" On display at the Louvre today, "Le Portrait d'une négresse" is a tiny
oil on canvas painting (85x65cm) in which Benoist densely compresses
its theme to a flashpoint.

The painting was meant as a celebration of the abolition of slavery.

By a subtle subversion of its overt meaning, however, Benoist was able
to superimpose layers of radical connotations.

For instance, Benoist chose as subject a woman, instead of the male
slave usually associated with the hard labor of slavery on the
plantations of the Americas.

She further casts her subject in a bourgeois setting as an object of
sexual desire. "

Well as an uncultured pleb I would have to say Michelle Obama is hot but there is more to it as Alex explains

" But what Marie-Guillemine Benoist brilliantly achieves is to make a
mockery of two major promises of the French Revolution:

1) The "brotherhood of the human race" was a con after all, and in
fact, two years after Benoist's painting, Napoléon reinstated slavery;

2) Gender equality was likewise another lie: French women were still
second-class citizens and in many ways just as disenfranchised as
plantation slaves.

Who knows? Maybe the "négresse" in Benoist's painting is the Parisian
woman still shackled as a slave in her bourgeois surrounding. "

I am going to leave you with Alex's conclusion because it make sense to me. 

" I got a theory: ignoramuses being outraged by art these days never
had the basics of art history or aesthetics.

This tautological theory of mine won't do them justice. For they
belong to the category of the nutjobs willing to kill over a cartoon! "

And also a promise this blog will shy away from artistic arguments but the outrage this has caused in the States is amusing. 

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