Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grannies researcher

Is Granny  channeling Cameron Slater

A humpback whale lunges out of the water to feed near a sailboat and a standup paddle boarder just off a beach at San Luis Obispo, California, in the United States.
The whale fed on a school of bait fish for more than an hour, often breaching close to spectators. In Australia two humpbacks were yesterday rescued off the Queensland coast.
A team from the Sea World marine theme park freed a juvenile that became entangled in a crab net.
Earlier, a brave boatie armed with a kitchen knife cut a humpback free from a shark net off North Stradbroke Island. Peter Brown told the ABC he called authorities but after waiting half an hour, decided he had to act to save the distressed 12m mammal.
"Eventually it seemed to swim away from all the ropes and the buoys that were tangled with it."

Mr Slater must be getting rich on finders fees. On reflection it is a fairly odd story.

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