Sunday, August 12, 2012


How very sad

"It’s with very great sadness that I’m writing of the death of Kaboko, one of our orphaned gorillas after a very sudden illness.  The necropsy and analysis is being completed by the gorilla vets and the definitive results still have to be finalised but it was almost certainly from severe complications from an acute gastro-intestinal infection.  André and his team were with him throughout and did all they could to administer treatment, and we’re all deeply shocked at the speed at which his condition collapsed.
Kaboko had a wonderfully gentle character and leaves a large empty space in the lives of all of those who have worked so hard to rebuild the lives of our orphan gorillas at the Senkwekwe centre."
The Congo is beset with tragedy  this gorilla is an animal, the human tragedy is something we the world are responsible for and need to fix because then and only then can we do something meaningful for the few remaining members of Kaboko's species. When we give security to the Congolese people we also allow them to get on with the job of saving our endangered  animals. 

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