Monday, February 6, 2012

My Waitangi Day

Just been  over at Keeping Stock and despite comming at politics from  diferent perspectives I aggree with him far more than I disaggree. Keeping Stock today reflected on race relations. This has always been a subject close to my heart.

I have a recent addition to my life, she is 36, she beautiful and she is from the Congo. She is not a fan of smoking and I have rolled ( hell no brainer ), she is not a fan of drinking  and I have agreed never to drink around her, she is a Christian I have maintained my atheism so I am guessing we are meeting each other half way.

Today was all about food and driving practice but I will detail food first.  She needed an ingedient to the food that we got from one of her friends I have know idea what it was but it came in a commercial packet and she took very little off it. OK I am a white guy with two woman and three kids from the Congo and it is considered to be totally normal as it should be. We left and got vegetables for the meal at  a Chinese owned business, Chinese, Maori, African and European's in the shop an nobody batted an eyelid.

Keeping Stock is correct to point out that the vast majority of Kiwis hate, what our day of unity has become. I am sick of our day of discontent.

Driving, well she is good. The problem is I am not capable of  teaching so we are practicing. I will let her on to the motorway  next weekend she can  handle it in my opionion but it is a huge speed jump. On that note we have been driving around with learner  plates and most people have been fantastic and understood that learning was happening, two total wankers emerged who undertook us and abused. I will be carrying a pen and paper and will report you should it happen again.

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