Monday, February 20, 2012

Jeb Bush-it's my turn

I thought I was reading satire when I spotted this headline

" The Seeming Inevitability of Jeb Bush"

You have got to be joking America, but apparently not.

"With the GOP fundamentally divided, it seems increasingly unlikely that Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Paul will have enough delegates going into the Convention on August 27th.
This would result in a brokered convention — and the possibility of a “white-knight” scenario.
But who could it be? "


Jeb Bush. Well I guess if your father and brother have both been President of the USA you might think it is only fair that you get a turn as well I mean what is democracy without fairness ?

" As Ezra Klein put it:

“A candidate who emerged during the [brokered] convention — or even slightly before it — would have two months and some change to hire a national campaign staff, raise money, get on the air, craft a message, study up on the issues, decide on an agenda, introduce himself to voters, build out a ground game, etc. They would have two months, in other words, to become competitive with Obama’s ferocious campaign organization.”

I suspect President Obama is starting to get concerned that his second term will be marred by the criticism that he shouldn't be President because the republicans couldn't agree who to run against him, after the Tea Party Birthers etc et all and now this nothing would surprise me.

"Bush is an intellectual leader with a successful record as Governor of Florida, and would attract support from traditional Republicans, fiscal conservatives, Democrats, Independents, and Hispanics alike."

Not sure I get the Hispanic reference in this context. To be fair his father had a brain unlike his brother. I really enjoy guys with the mental agility to understand simple concepts such as this.

"...and is the only Republican who is willing to accept that tax cuts need to be accompanied by revenue raising."

You could be forgiven for thinking that America is not a foreign country but a different bloody planet.

"Make no mistake, I am not saying that Jeb Bush is the inevitable nominee. In fact, he is not.
Indeed, the major problem with Jeb Bush has nothing to do with his record or his persona. It’s his last name."

Classic float an idea tactics and then point out that the only thing against the guy is his last name and lets not forget that those crazy Iranians are out there building  nukes. There is nothing like a Bush to deal with that problem.

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