Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alf does security.

Alf my insane but likable 3 legged monster cat is missing a mate, Murphy my dog I will blog about Murphy later but he died yesterday aged 12. Murphy was left in Queenstown after the summer holidays and did not return to Auckland. Alf really misses him ( I want to  get rid of his beanbag but Alf loves it ), no cat entered Alf's territory well they did but left fairly quickly when they realised  a large dog was  also present.

Today the Significant Other had organised some driving practise after church with another person in the congregation ( I don't do the God thing ) and I had the afternoon free I wasn't expecting to as we both assumed the alternate driving lesson would occur straight after church but it didn't happen until late afternoon so while she was out testing the patience of some saint I was home and the  local cats have clicked that Murphy is no longer here.

As a side note Significant Other has decided that we will do an early lesson and late lesson tomorrow and visit  some lions, elephants, zebras.... etc in between, suits me.

At about 3.00 pm there was a lot of hissing and screeching I went out to investigate and  Alf and an unknown but black cat were sizing each other up at a 15 cm  gap between  my fence and the neighbours property but on my part of the property. The other cat left  at my intervention.

He has been guarding the gap for the last four and a half hours. Has not come in for dinner, he will probably  guard it all night. He is a tough little cat, I have no doubt he will win any scrap 3 legs means he cant fight  with claws so he just launches and bites. He has carved out a territory far larger than my place and when I first got him people were complaining about vet bills from his predations.

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