Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am still standing ( Sort of )

I am pleased to let all fellow blogers know that I am alive and well, having survived the Rapture. From today’s New Zealand Herald.
” The apocalypse passed New Zealand by, and yesterday the rest of the world continued to exist, despite the prediction of a televangelist who now has two strikes to his name.
The prophecy of the end of the world ended with a whimper – not a bang – as life went on as usual despite warnings from Harold Camping.”
In fact I think whimper might be to strong an adjective for this insanity.
” He had insisted the so-called “Rapture” would begin with powerful earthquakes at 6pm local time in each of the world’s regions, with worthy souls transported to heaven.”
Actually at 6.00 pm I was 34,000 feet up in the air, so I doubt I would have been aware of any earthquakes and I had no idea he had been so specific with regard to time, if I had known that I might have asked the Hostess if the Captain and First Officer were serial rooters on the ground that it would be nice to have someone on the flight deck for landing.
Incidentally new planes have a smell just like new cars so I think Air New Zealand was probably quite pleased the Rapture didn’t occur. This was the first flight I have been on where you can use cell phones  and I was tempted until I saw the cost of calls from 34,000 feet, how does $2.80 per minute strike you.
” The 89-year-old and his religious broadcasting network Family Radio said the not-so-good were to suffer hell on earth until October 21, when God pulls the plug on the planet once and for all.
One of the first places to be hit, said Mr Camping, who first wrongly predicted the end of the world in 1994, would be New Zealand ….”
Well Camping at least has some understanding of the international time zones kind of interesting that he believes “ God “  would trouble himself with time zones though.
” Similarly in Europe and the United States, the deadline arrived with little fanfare, and even fewer people ascended dramatically to heaven.”
Ouch. Now that is nasty and I love it.
” In the US some people had left their jobs to urge others to repent before it was too late. In Australia, another early target of Mr Camping’s doomsday predictions, Christians greeted news of the end of the world with scepticism and humour before the fateful hour passed without incident. “
He he… The joke in New Zealand is that every New Zealander who emigrates to Australia raises the average IQ of both countries there must be quite a lot of us across the ditch, fucked if I can reach a conclusion on America from this though other than New Zealanders probably don’t emigrate to the US. I wonder why ?
” Mr Camping came up with his prediction using a calculation that started with the supposed year of the Great Flood, 4990BC.
He added 7000 years because, in the Bible, God “reminds us that one day is as 1000 years”, and then subtracted one because of a glitch when passing from the Old to the New Testament calendars. “
I’ll leave that particular bit of stupidity for Tami to address. He unlike me has a bible, I read it once many years ago and concluded that it was a total waste of my time.
“We’re going to poke fun at these people, but in the end we need to keep in mind that there are people being hurt here,” said David Silverman, president of the US-based group.
“We’re hoping people look at this and learn to use their brains … so we don’t have an occurrence of this in 2012,” he said, referring to the year when some believe the Mayas predicted the Earth’s demise.”
How do you protect people from their own stupidity ?

( I am a Kiwi blogger but I have been blogging on MySpace and more recently Friendburst I had been using wordpress but it is bloody hopless so will try this. My Friendburst readership is largely off shore that may explain the tone of these blogs.  They are written for a non NZ readership. Being  technology adverse I am hoping I can figure out this platform ).