Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Global Peace Index

I am a left wing blogger in my opinion and I was some what disappointed that Kiwiblog failed to treat the Global Peace Index in the manner it deserves. It is a load of shit. Infact it is a load of anti American shit. New Zealand has swapped places with Iceland at the top of the table we are now the second least dangerous country in the world having been the least dangerous for the last two years. Kiwiblog attempts to rationalise this.

It is of course a load of shit as DPF at Kiwi blog well knows. These are the top 10 peaceful countries

1 Iceland
2 New Zealand
3 Japan
4 Denmark
5 Chech Republic
6 Austria
7 Finland
8 Canada
9 Norway
10 Slovenia

The USA comes in at 82. Lets think  I will not support  stupidity or misrepresentation ever and that is all I can see.

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