Thursday, September 6, 2012

Swaziland. Mswati another regicide candidate.

Yesterday I asked the question was it just me or has the world gone fucking insane with reference to King Zwelithini's outrageous  plan to spend taxpayer funds on building his latest bride a palace of her own. Much to the amusement of my expat South African neighbours who then asked me what I knew of Swaziland and the answer was not a lot I read an article about old women growing marijuana to make a living about a month ago other than that I was vaguely aware it was a South African client state and an absolute monarchy. I was unaware completely that it was in fact another bat shit crazy monarchy.

Times Live from a few days ago reports.

Thousands of bare-breasted young Swazi women paraded in front of their king to celebrate chastity and unity, dismissing criticism of the lavish ceremony in one of Africa's poorest countries for its last absolute monarch.

" Clad in beaded mini-skirts and clutching machetes and mobile phones, women and girls as young as five danced and sang tributes on Sunday and Monday to the king and queen mother, also known as the Great She-Elephant, in a traditional Umhlanga Reed Dance meant to celebrate womanhood and virginity.
"I'm proud to be Swazi and to be a virgin. We are here to show unity with the king and with each other," said 18-year-old Gcebine Dlamini, bracing the cold of the southern hemisphere's winter in her skimpy outfit as scores of tourists had photos taken next to the topless women. "
Well I guess if I was a tourist I would probably get my photo taken with as many bare breasted beautiful woman as possible. The BBC Reports
" Mswati III of Swaziland is accustomed to marking his birthday with a no-expense-spared celebration, literally one fit for a king.
But with his country's economy in free fall, this year there is no budget for a lavish do on Thursday 19 April as he turns 44.
Home Affairs Minister Prince Gcokoma has called on ordinary Swazis to donate cows to be slaughtered for a mass feast where there will be traditional music and dancing.
But this call - in a country where more than 60% of the population live in poverty and where one in four is HIV-positive - has sparked outrage. "
So basically another deluded king and the HIV rate rather mocks the virginity aspect of the reed dance, Times Live continues.

" King Mswati III, who has at least a dozen wives and a personal fortune estimated at $200 million, faced unprecedented protests last year when his appointed administration ran out of money after a 2009 recession in neighbouring South Africa.
Despite the straitened times, the royal household has shown few signs of wanting to tighten its belt. In July, South Africa's Mail and Guardian newspaper reported that three of Mswati's wives joined a 66-strong royal entourage heading to Las Vegas on a shopping spree. There was no comment from the palace.
But women at the annual event gathered behind the monarch in the week-long celebrations, even though police kept a close watch on what they might tell journalists and tourists roaming the grounds of the royal village, some 20 km (12 miles) outside the capital.
In the past, the king has used the ceremony to choose a new wife, and some girls still hoped to catch the king's eye. "

At a guess marrying the King would our equivalent of winning Lotto. There seems to be no shortage of contenders.
"If chosen, I would be able to live a better life than what I have, have a lot of money, live a queen's life and travel overseas," said Fakazile Dlamini, 14, who arrived on a lorry from her village 60 km away to attend the ceremony.
New royal wives have often received a BMW and their own palace, fuelling criticism in a country where more than two-thirds of its 1.4 million people live in abject poverty.
Women's groups and political opponents also say Mswati's penchant for multiple young brides ill befits a country with the world's highest rate of HIV/AIDS, but the monarch says polygamy is part of Swazi tradition and helps cement national unity. "
What is it about this generation of African leaders that seems to allow them to divorce themselves from reality and why are their people so tolerant of these bumbling oafs. The continent has given us leaders of the world in people like President Mandela, Archbishop Tutu, and men of extraordinary courage like Steve Biko only to see that amazing moral and ethical legacy pissed away with likes Mugabe, Zuma, King Zwelithini and King Mswati III.
Maidens flocked in from across the country - some attend the ceremony every year until they marry - cut reeds from river beds, which they then presented to the queen mother in a mile-long singing and foot-stamping procession.
In the past, they would have been accommodated by families living close to the royal household but are now put up in camps and protected by police from other men.
Even though the girls refuse to criticise UK-educated Mswati who arrived at the event dressed in beads and lion cloth, not everyone supported his polygamous lifestyle.
"I don't want to be a queen, I don't want to share my man. Polygamy is not okay," Siphesihle Mdluli, 20, who hopes to go on to study medicine said while waving her bundle of reeds.

The problem for Siphesihle is that her king has destroyed her country and all hope of her ever studying medicine. more from the BBC report.

                                                                King Mswati III

" Yet his kingdom is facing financial ruin linked to the global economic downturn with a drop in revenues from a regional customs union.
Late last year, it needed an emergency loan of several million dollars to cover its salary bill which the International Monetary Fund says is not sustainable, advising that 7,000 civil servant jobs need to be urgently cut.
The threat to jobs has been a trigger for labour protests which have evolved into pro-democracy calls.
These campaigners see the king as a "deluded multimillionaire" and want an end to his absolute rule and the unbanning of political parties."
Unfortunately even second rate dictators such Mswati seem to believe in ruling for life despite fucking up every step on the nation building road.

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  1. Africa.What a cursed Continent of Foolish leaders and followers!If the followers are blind,it is a case of the bling leading the blind.Wake up stupid Africans and kill all those LEADERS!