Monday, April 28, 2014

Uganda: " Your lucky charms are tarnished so you leave alone. "

New Vision Uganda reports

26 pregnant university students suspended

By Hope Mafaranga, Isaac Nuwagaba & John Masaba

Twenty-six girls have been suspended from Uganda Christian University’s Kabale affiliate college for conceiving before marriage. They were found to be pregnant during random tests. 

It is easy to understand the use of random testing in situations such as drinking and driving or workplace drug testing in dangerous industries but this is pathetic. 

The girls accuse the university of suspending them without hearing them out.
However, Godwin Kiiza, the Dean of Students, maintains the students who were suspended were admitted as single students and they are not supposed to be engaged in a sexual immorality, that is, sex before marriage.

Sexual immorality. Jesus wept. Godwin Kiiza is a stupid sod who I hope is first against the wall when the revolution comes. I assume his next bigoted action will be the arranging of public stonings. 

“Some students who go against our rules first face a disciplinary committee and if the committee finds them guilty of being of pregnant, are suspended,” he said.

I don't have to many objections to the church being involved in the provision of school education but the church has absolutely no role in running a university. Sure they can provide theological studies but this is bloody ridiculous. This university is not fit to provide tertiary education. 

Bishop Barham college principle, Prof. Manuel Muranga, said that they only teach students who are accountable to God.

Fine then what the fuck are you punishing them for ? Oh yeah I sort of answered that didn't I. Interesting to note both these bigots are men.

“Only six girls were pregnant and the rest had other problems and most of them were forgiven and allowed back to school,” the university’s Public relations officer, Reuben Twinomujuni, said.

So 26 young women were randomly tested and 6 were pregnant. This story is getting more batshit crazy. I sort of have to wonder how Uganda Christian University defines random. I can only assume that the 20 " fortunate " women allowed back were engaging in sexual activity but didn't get pregnant.

Twinomujuni said the university policy provides that unmarried girls who get pregnant automatically suspend themselves.

You bloody hypocrite. You suspended the women and now you are trying to make them accountable for your total lack of charity. And these guys call themselves Christians.

“Our policy here is that you came to study but not to get pregnant. We look at our students as our daughters and sons, so when someone gets pregnant it is a bad example to the rest especially to an institution that is founded on religion,” he said.

An interesting way to treat your " daughters ". Show them absolutely no support and deprive them of further education.

Twinomujuni said that when girls give birth or officially marry, they are allowed to sit for their examinations.  “If the man who impregnated the girl weds her, we allow her back but she cannot stay in the halls of residence because she is a married woman,” he added.

I am guessing ( from my days at university ) that the guys responsible were also students but it would seem that it quite OK for them to engage in premarital sex, something I agree with, but if Uganda wants the world to take its stance on equality and human rights seriously it need to extend that freedom to women matriculating at the university. A child born out of wedlock is not a tragedy, well unless you are a bigoted fool.

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