Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rwanda: " So how did it come to this bitter end? "

New Times Rwanda reports

Kagame awarded for promoting peace, justice

President Paul Kagame was over the weekend awarded for his contribution to peace and justice not only in his country but around the world.
The award was presented by the African Television (AFTV) in the City of Rotterdam in Netherlands on Saturday at an event to honour the President.

His contribution has been outstanding in South Africa, particularly his recent efforts in Johannesburg

" It is not new. It is not the first time and it is not the last. Most of President Kagame's political opposition are in exile or in prison or are dead."

Chimp reports ( Uganda ) gives us Kagame's thoughts on the subject.

" Rwanda President Paul Kagame has spoken out for the first time on the recent murder of dissident Patrick Karegeya in South Africa, saying “anyone who plots against his country will turn out to be the loser.”

" A visibly angry Kagame told a huge gathering at the Rwanda Leaders Fellowship Prayer Breakfast on Sunday in Kigali that “those who were made who they are by Rwanda and then turn their backs on the country can be dealt with. We can fight back.”

And for that matter the thoughts of his cabinet ministers are revealing. The Mail & Guardian reports.

" Kagame's remarks follow some equally controversial statements by his cabinet ministers.

On Saturday, Rwanda Defence Minister General James Kabarebe reportedly said of Karegeya: "When you choose to live like a dog, you die like a dog."

He was quoted as saying, "Do not waste your time on reports that so and so was strangled with a rope on flat seven in whatever country. When you choose to be a dog, you die like a dog, and the cleaners will wipe away the trash so that it does not stink for them.

"Actually, such consequences are faced by those who have chosen such a path. There is nothing we can do about it, and we should not be interrogated over it."

There is very little peace and no justice available to those who disagree with Kagame.

" Paul Kagame will brook no opposition, he is a dictator who despite his attempts to compare himself with Mandela over the past week should be compared to Stalin. This blog is not hostile to the people of Rwanda, it is very hostile to the government of Rwanda, I make no apology for that. Rwanda has been the cause of the vast majority of the ongoing instability in the DR Congo, the evidence is overwhelming and the denials and lies of the junta in Kigali have been nothing short of astonishing in their total lack of any credibility. It is worth keeping that in mind when it comes to situation Victoire Ingabire has found herself in. Hungry for Truth blog has a transcript if Ingabire's speech made on her return to Rwanda in 2010."

AFTV is the first African television in the Netherlands and is based in The Hague.

AFTV has set itself some very high standards and it would seem have fallen over at the first hurdle.

" The station idea originated from the fact that CNN promotes American ideology, BBC does the-same for Europe, Aljazeera has been successfully re-branding the image of the Middle East. AFTV-African Television has taken on the mantle of showing the beauty of Africa."

I think perhaps AFTV should set itself targets that are doable Fox News springs to mind. 

The TV network content is mostly aimed at promoting Africa by depicting a positive side to the continent and countering content which focuses on negative aspects of Africa such as war, illness and poverty.

To ironic to be true. Six million people have died in the DR Congo over the past 20 years a period that coincides with the reign of Kagame in Rwanda yet is no coincidence.  

Present to receive the award on behalf of the President was the Rwandan envoy to Netherlands, Jean Pierre Karabaranga.

Amb. Karabaranga emphasised the role of the Rwanda Patriotic Front in stopping the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, and consequently stopping the injustice in the country.

He reiterated the role of peace and justice which he said precedes and enhances growth and development.

Hypocrisy doesn't come much better than this.

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