Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Zealand: " And so as I patrol in the valley of the shadow of the tricolour "

The New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage describes our current flag thus:

                                                                                              Current NZ Flag

" The New Zealand Flag is New Zealand’s national symbol. Its royal blue background represents the blue sea and sky surrounding us, and the stars of the Southern Cross signify our place in the South Pacific Ocean. The Union Flag recognises our historical foundations and that New Zealand was once a British colony and dominion."

The problem of course is top left. The debate has been ongoing for a few years now, not only  does our flag look like the Australian flag but who wants the Union Jack ? Let the Brits and Aussies keep it and Scotland go for it in September.

                                                                                               Australian Flag

This is the best option I have seen to date and I really hope we adopt it or something better in the referendum on the Flag next year.

                                                                And screw you Canada we are in the flag game.

We have not been a British colony for years. Lets let the world know that, and lets get a jump on our cousins across the ditch.

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