Saturday, March 22, 2014

Auckland: " I'm a citizen of Legoland travellin' incommunicado "

Any regular readers I have and I assume there must be a couple of you will have noticed a large drop in  productivity. This is I hope a temporary situation. Facebook friends and friends in the real world will probably have figured out the reasons.

18 months ago my partner and I set sail on a course that was bound to change our lives profoundly and 18 days ago we achieved the goal we had set for ourselves. A variety of factors have meant that my time available to blog has been slashed and this situation will not change over the course of the next few weeks possibly extending out to several months. I will still blog but probably only a couple of posts a week.

Incidentally one should never underestimate the competitive pressures of teenage daughters when it comes to computer usage. It is vicious and I am unable to compete although I have a few ideas that might allow me to regain the upper hand going forward.

                                                      My youngest daughter has discovered computer games.

All things considered this blog is way less important to me than my kids learning how to use the technology of the 21st. century.

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