Saturday, August 24, 2013

DR Congo: The Goma awakening. Charley Kasereka in Goma.

Charly Kasereka blogs ( Translated by Google and cleaned up by me. Any errors are mine alone )

Goma angry, walking with bodies

                                                                           Police direct protesters

Three killed including a child, and five others were injured Saturday, August 24, 2013. Shells fell on two areas of Goma in North Kivu (Ndosho and Mugunga area) in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
It is only 48 hours after four other shells hit that killed four people on the previous Thursday 22.
It is past 7am in Goma, a loud bang is heard and soon the news is heard by all, transmitted by bikers (motorcycle Taximen), of course with mobile phones.
The information comes in all corners of the city. The media talks about'' two people died by shells in the neighborhood Ndosho'' is what the radio and tell the social network facebook.
Journalists along with the curious head to the west of the city to verify the information. I arrive at the place called '' Three'' Paillote in the Katindo neighborhood located west of the city center on the road leading to the city of Sake.
In front of me their are a lot of people and in the middle six young men with a stretcher on their shoulders. I approach the carriers with my camera and recorder,'' You're a reporter?'' It's a muscular guy who asks me. 
'' Yes'' I replied showing my badge.
- So what happened?
- In a angry tone he replied
'' It was 7 hours ago a shell fell on my neighbor's house you see on the stretcher, it's a boy only 15 years, he was killed by the shells.
- How far are you going to go ?
- Still in an angry tone,'' Until we reach MONUSCO, to give this body.''
 The General of Police Awa Shango umia Viatl wisely redirects demonstrators who wanted to deposit the body at the base of MONUSCO (in the south of the city). Other members of the crowd wanted it taken right down to Rwanda.

A Saturday like no other on August 24 in Goma. Furious people descended onto the streets to demonstrate their anger for both victims of the shelling of the city. Protesters have even broken the doors of some shops and stores
By Midday the demonstrators moved to the centre of Goma with the body and end the march.
4:50 p.m., the city is calm again. Traffic resumes gradually. But I must admit that what I saw today is beyond my comprehension.
The population of Goma has proven it has had enough! A spontaneous gigantic march through every corner of the city? Goma has never seen that before !
Civil Society has mobilized people! Unfortunately MONUSCO fired on protesters! Shame! On the frontline, FARDC control of the situation and are contain the attacks of M23 and its allies.
Who do FARDC fight really, ask the people of Goma ? The answer is known to all.  ( Rwanda:  Hamish In Auckland )
In any case, with this awakening of the awareness of the population of Goma, MONUSCO and the Congolese government are obliged to take steps to end the adventurism of the M23! Otherwise, the young of Goma promise to show their anger "amongst the aggressors!" something they have demonstrated this Saturday after reaching the Rwandan-Congolese border (Petite Barriere Goma)

Now, we have learnt that Rwanda have positioned tanks in a village called Gachirabwenge, in the Busasamana sector, Rubavu district. It is from one of these tanks that shelled the front line as well as Kibati and they may have fired on Goma ...The Joint Verification 
Commission organisation is hard at work determining what has happened. The Commission was in Rwanda and Goma working to identify the origin of the bombs that fell on the city of Goma! It continues to monitor the situation closely and Rwanda will not have the chance to continue lying!
To be continued ...
                    Protesters this Saturday, August 24, 2013 in Goma, framed by the army and the Police
Pictures Charly Kasereka 

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