Thursday, August 8, 2013

DR Congo: Charly Blogs at Africa Brigade Ground Zero.

Charly Kasereka at L'Actu Du Kivu blogs  ( In French and translated by Google with the usual attempt to tidy it up a bit by me. Any mistakes are my fault ) It is tempting to add some of my own thoughts to Charly's blogs. I did cover the initial story here. It would seem maybe some of my thoughts were not to far of the reality happening on the ground in Goma. 

DRC / GOMA: Nothing will be held in Goma contrary to what was expected by civil society in North Kivu.

                                                                   Tomas Daquin Muhiti ( Photo Charly Kasereka )

After announcing an eight-day ultimatum to force the intervention brigade ( Africa Brigade ) to act, or leave. Surprisingly Tomas Daquin Muhiti, the spokesman SOCIV North Kivu announced that '' nothing will be held tomorrow, Thursday, August 8''. This is what has just been declared the spokesman and vice president of the organisation announced Wednesday 07 August after it announced last week large-scale protest actions that would undertaken by Gomatraciens. 

The ultimatum issued by the civil society in the North Kivu MONUSCO expires this Thursday, August 8, 2013.
On the eve of the deadline, the Civil Society changed its position, Thomas Daquin Muhitsi, president of the Civil Society in the province called for calm amongst Gomatraciens renouncing the large actions initially scheduled for the end of the ultimatum period. According to some sources, a few signs of unrest are already visible throughout the city of Goma, after the call for people to take to the streets and protest against the Intervention Brigade.

It should be noted that it is 
  himself who announced an ultimatum of seven days for the  MONUSCO  I
ntervention Brigade 
to act and begin the hunt for armed rebel groups in North Kivu  as indicated in the UN Security Council resolution  
establishing this Brigade in the DRC.

As a reminder, the ultimatum by the Civil Society in North Kivu was because of 
  ultimatum asking all people illegally owning weapons to disarm. MONUSCO's ultimatum expired last Friday, August 2 at 16 pm local time, about twenty guns were recovered in Sake, according to the military spokesman for MONUSCO Felix Prospere Low by the Wednesday 07 August deadline by MONUSCO.

The head office of MONUSCO in Goma has given explanations to the press since last Sunday, saying that the safety zone will be extended and emphasised military tactics are not to disclose in public. He said that MONUSCO has no obligations to the Civil Society but to the Congolese Government. The Federation of Goma  Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS)  invited the people North Kivu not to resort to violence in protests against MONUSCO. 

The call comes on the eve of the end of the one week ultimatum issued by the Civil Society in the province to the UN mission, promising to carry out "major actions" if the force did not begin the hunt against the rebel militias immediately. The  Federal President of the Etienne Tshisekedi's party, Rubens Mikindo says that the Civil Society has the wrong target, explaining that MONUSCO is here as a "guest" of the government. The initiative is now in the camp of people who are already prepared to show up this Thursday in protest against the mission of the United Nations.

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