Monday, January 16, 2012

Costa Concordia - Some thoughts.

MV Rena  is our disaster but let's be rational we got off  very light in many ways.  Don't get me wrong I want the blame and  costs  sent back to the owners but no one died  in human terms and while I regret the  bird and marine deaths they  were minimal.

Costa Concordia is yet another  fuck up and one that should concern us all. 40000 passengers it would seem were foolishly endangered so a waiter could wave to his family who couldn't have seen him anyway. The Master has been and should  have been arrested and charged.

I occasional  conn  ( Drive ) a commercial boat. I love it and yet dread it  at the same time because I am so scared of fucking  up. I will not  drink if I am driving a car  and I extend that to boats, with that in mind what the hell was the skipper thinking.
Yeah I know the ship was holed further out and he  went to shore but claims that the rocks weren't charted sound like shit to me in fact I suspect they have been charted well  before  Astrolabe reef in NZ.

The ship is fucked.  It will be cut up but  29 people are dead and that raises an issue about ship design and  cruise ship tourism.

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