Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rwanda: President Gas is President Gas again

Anadolu Agency reports

AA / Kigali / Henri Demarie

Rwanda: Parliament is in favor of a constitutional reform on presidential term

" The Rwandan Parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of a constitutional amendment that would allow President Paul Kagame to stand in the 2017 presidential election."

Surely not, from The Guardian   

" Kagame has pledged to step down in 2017, the end of his second term. But Twagirimana is doubtful. "Maybe they will change the constitution so he can continue. I think he would like to rule for 20, 30, 50 years like Robert Mugabe."

Hilariously Bill Clinton believed him.I think the comparison with Mugabe is probably a little bit harsh. Kagame is more than just a common thief come criminal who's only goal is personal enrichment. Kagame wants the Kivus. His vision for Rwanda includes the Eastern DR Congo. It is I suspect no coincidence that the remnants of his Congolese militia movement M23 have come out today all over Facebook  pushing the WEF propaganda on the Rwandan miracle. I am confident the WEF would have approved of Hitler who did a lot initially to raise German economic performance last century. Yes I am aware of the Rwandan genocide...I have four Congolese daughters of Tutsi descent, I despise the FDLR and the Hutu extremists. 

" According to the world economic forum, Rwanda is the African country where the government is the most effective. Kigali ranks 7 th globally in front of Mauritius (26 th) and South Africa (32 e)."

It is interesting to note that Kigali has made it a point of pride to piss off South Africa whilst Kinshasa has chosen to ally themselves economically with South Africa. The M23 thugs despite being supplied, trained and all the evidence points to Rwandan army personnel reinforcing M23 were comprehensively defeated by the Africa Brigade made up of a significant number of South African troops. Does Kagame really believe South Africa is going to stand by and let the DR Congo be dismembered by him ? Is pissing off the most powerful military nation on the African continent a sensible foreign policy objective ? 

During a plenary session, 79 of 80 deputies and 24 senators out of 26 voted for the amendment of Article 101 of the Constitution which limits to two the number of presidential terms, Anadolu learned from informed sources.
Well no surprises there. Again from The Guardian.  

" When Kagame won the 2010 election with 93% of the vote, for example, three major opposition parties were excluded from the ballot. Two of their leaders were jailed and still languish there today."

93% ? Rwanda is a democracy ?

"We must pick up the pace to give Kagame chance to further develop our country," said Tuesday Anadolu MP Juvenal Nkusi, the Social Democratic Party "PSD" one of the allies of the RPF "RPF", the party in power.
Abundant in the same direction, the Joan of Arc Nyinawase RPF MP said: "Economic progress and security in our country, are to be credited to Paul Kagame and the views of foreign countries are less important than the majority of Rwandans. "

The vast majority of Rwandans are Hutu, from Wikipedia

"The largest ethnic groups in Rwanda are the Hutus (about 85% of the population), the Tutsis (14%), and the Twa (1%)."

Opposition leader Victoire Ingabire, currently rotting in a Rwandan geol is a Hutu a woman who genuinely wants Hutu Tutsi reconciliation. Her crime of course was to oppose Kagame.   

The opposition, however, denounced the plenary, calling on people to abstain from participating in the referendum that has the power to perform.
"We knew that the idea of ​​revising the constitution will be a letter in the mail at a parliament subservient to the ruling party. We will continue the fight by legal means, either by winning the trial at the Supreme Court or by mobilizing people to vote no in a referendum that the "RPF" is gradually trying to impose on Rwandans "said Bernard Ntaganda, leader of the Social Imberakuri Party (opposition).

Bernard Ntaganda is clearly a very brave man. He might want to reflect on the importance of a independent judiciary I suspect he will have time to do so soon when the Rwandan regime lock him up.

The Green Party appealed to the Supreme Court in June to end the inclination to change the constitution.The case is still under investigation in the highest court in the country of a thousand hills. A session is scheduled for July 29, 2015 a final decision on this dispute. The opposition remains confident and has won the duel against President Paul Kagame, head of state since 2000.

Wrong. Sorry but just wrong. Dictatorships just don't work that way.

Section 101 of the Rwandan constitution limited to two the number of presidential seven-year terms. But Article 193 of the Constitution provides for a mechanism for amendment to Article 101. The 3 quarters of the bicameral parliament must agree before a referendum, the final stage for a revision of the constitution.

Remember the voting figures above.



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