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DR Congo: Goma, Charly Kasereka blogs - " Can't you understand that the government left me out of work"

Charly Kasereka blogs. This is a Google translate translation cleaned up by me. All errors are mine alone and not Charly's. I have taken the liberty of retitling it with a Marillion quote for consistencies sake with my blog, below is Charly's work and hopefully not too many of my screw ups. 

In Goma young people create '' Jobs''. A Herculean effort to earn.

                                             A young shoemaker on a street in Goma (Photo credit Charly Kasereka )

There are many in Goma, young people aged 15 to 30 years, who spend their days and nights trying to find any kind of work, what they call '' Job'' to survive. Trade, labour of mind or manual, this is the daily grind of the youth Gomatraciens. 

Goma, a city more than 3,000 kilometers east of the capital Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is five o'clock in the morning, we are at the crossroads commonly called 
'' Roundabout '' in the heart of Goma. Already I see some selling donuts, bread, Chapati pancakes, taxi driver bikers, a little further on are those seeking customers for bus transit. The atmosphere is tense, screams, fights starting at dawn. The majority are young, under 30, and mostly women vendors. Some of these young people have  spent their night here.

                                View from the bridge at Roundabout revolution ( Instigo ) (photo credit Charly Kasereka )

The city of Goma is known to the world for the multiple wars and rebellions that have occurred during the past two decades. Nobody thinks about the youth abandoned to their own unhappy situation. 
Each of these young people have  lived this way through the two decades of disorder that have passed. Everyone has their own story to tell.

In the world of employment some are lost, others improvise and attempt anything

In this city, everything can seem wonderful for those who visit for the first time. The majority of the population is young and indeed this is the case throughout the country, according to the latest statistics from the CENI (Commission Independent Electoral) in 2011 before the election.

The Democratic Republic of Congo recorded an unemployment rate estimated at 80% in a country where nearly half of its 50 million people under 15 years.

" I am a graduate in International Relations, I applied several times to the NGOs based here in Goma, but nothing. Look at me a seller of telephone credits ", says Eric twenty, a former student. 

                                            A young shoemaker and a seller in Goma. (Photo credit Charly Kasereka )

There are many such as Eric, the others imagine and create small jobs.
Trading in various commodities, as rickshaw pusher's, resellers of mobile phone credits there is nothing else. 

Nobody makes fun of anyone. "Only the end justifies the means." 

For some, study has becomes less of a priority in their minds.One youth explains '' Mere formality and satisfaction for my parents''  during a break at the Lake Campus Goma. A slogan has even been developed:'' The French and diplomas do not buy the drink,'' it goes '' study a lot and knowing how to speak the French language is not synonymous with having a job.'' 
                                       Young graduates seeking employment in Goma (Photo credit Charly Kasereka )

Most job lookers are ashamed and await the day when they will be called for a proper job. They spend their days seeking job offers published by NGOs. They know all the physical addresses of the offices of local and international NGOs.

The ball is in the hands of the authorities to develop policies of job creation. The quality of the training in universities is also at stake. More theoretical than practical. And after college many do not have the practical skills to work in a production company. Many choose the theoretical courses to finish fast, however fast does not prevail.

                                        Young Masons on a construction site in Goma (Photo credit Charly Kasereka )

                                   A young man cleans vehicles and motorcycles Goma (Photo credit Charly Kasereka )

Young Shukudeurs Goma (Photo credit Charly Kasereka )

A driver helps keeping the truck on a street in Goma (Photo credit Charly Kasereka )

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