Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DR Congo: " Cowering behind curtains and the taped up painted windows "

Chimp Reports Uganda reports 

Congo Army Kills 35 ADF Rebels

                                                                           UN Forces patrolling villages DR Congo

The Congolese army known by its acronym FARDC has so far killed over 35 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels in the last two weeks, officials said Saturday.

Good. I hope that they can inflict an awful lot more casualties on these murderous bastards. 

The latest development shows FARDC’s steady progress in eliminating the Uganda rebel threat since it launched military operations against the Islamist outfit in January this year.

Sources in the UPDF said the majority of the ADF rebels were taken out in an 8-hour heavy gun battle with FARDC on Thursday in Kamango, Beni, North Kivu.

Kamango has been  a battle ground with the ADF for far to long. In early July 2013 thousands were displaced:

Thousands of people who fled attacks by a Uganda-led rebel group in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo's Kamango need urgent aid, the UN humanitarian office said Wednesday.

The town of Kamango in the northernmost part of DR Congo's unstable North Kivu province was attacked and briefly occupied on July 11 by rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

The Congolese army regained control of Kamango a day later, but the Red Cross estimated that some 66,000 people had fled to Uganda.

While FARDC lost a solder on the battlefield, a huge cache of weapons including RPGs and communication gadgets was recovered from rebels as the fled heavy artillery bombardments.

MONUSCO today on their Facebook page published this picture:

A DDRRR (Disarmament, Demobilization, Repatriation, Reinsertion and Resettlement) officer is doing the inventory of weapons recovered from ex-militia combatants in eastern D. R. Congo before handing them over to the Congolese Armed Forces in Goma. 

Chimpreports understands that a group of Ugandan soldiers are in Goma coordinating with Congolese generals in the military operations aimed at defeating the insurgents well known for killing innocent civilians in DRC and western Uganda.

Uganda Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala in January travelled to Goma where he met his Congolese counterpart, Gen Etumbi to discuss the strategy of combating ADF.

UN estimates ADF’s strength at around 1,500 trained fighters.

The FDLR and the ADF have murdered with relative impunity and now for both groups there is very long over due process underway that will hold them to account. These groups unlike M23 have nowhere to run, Rwanda and Uganda would clearly like to take them into custody. Given the scale of the operations against them it would seem unlikely either will hold out more than a few months.

By Friday night, sources say, over 4,000 Congolese soldiers had surrounded the towns of Chuchobo and Makoyova which are thought to be the ADF’s command bases.

I am assuming that they are referring to Friday January 31, this report is undated but appeared 3 days ago. This operation is being conducted well away from the media spotlight and I have seen no updates.

It remains unclear whether the militants’ leader, Jamil Mukulu, is hiding in the besieged headquarters but UN reports recently indicated that he was in DRC in 2013.

In December last year, ADF attacked FARDC positions at Kamango and captured the location after brief clashes, resulting on killing of innocent people and massive displacement of civilian populations towards the Ugandan border.

It is a pleasing to think that this is probably the last time the people of Kamango will have to be disrupted by these criminals and those that do survive will presumably be making the trip not towards but over the Uganda border and into custody.

MONUSCO Force responded by launching two Attack Helicopters sorties in coordinated operations to support FARDC troops on the ground.

I think this operation will be concluded fairly quickly.

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