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DR Congo:" Care for your children. Order them not into damnation to eliminate those who would trespass against you."

Voice Of America reports

DRC: 103 Died in Monday's Attacks

A Congolese security officer takes position to secure the street near the state television headquarters in the capital Kinshasa, Dec.30, 2013.

DAKAR, SENEGAL — The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo says 103 people were killed Monday when its forces repelled attacks in Kinshasa and at least two other towns. Eight soldiers were among those killed in the fighting, which appears to have been led by followers of  evangelical Christian pastor Joseph Mukungubila, a self-proclaimed prophet who is an outspoken opponent to the government.

"...evangelical Christian pastor Joseph Mukungubila"  Don't make me laugh. Alex Engwete blogs.

" To understand the suicidal insanity that was unleashed on Kinshasa today, one has to read an obscure essay penned by James Yuma titled "The Devil's Comma" published in the launch issue of the African Cities Reader--a joint publication of the African Centre for Cities and Chimurenga Magazine, both South African-based.
In a nutshell, that essay demonstrates that Jesus has broken into the hallowed land of the Congo where Congolese are basking in the exceptionalism prophesied in Isaiah 18.
This is not a joke, mind you! This kind of mumbo-jumbo led people to throw their dear lives out of the window in the morning of December 30, 2013 in senseless and doomed attacks on N'Djili International Airport, the RTNC TV station, and the FARDC headquarters."

DRC government spokesman Lambert Mende said security forces had captured more than 150 attackers. He said these young people had been sent on "suicide missions" by what he referred to as a "sort of guru." But he did not name that person.  

Mende is a smart operator. I am guessing he has a reason for referring to Joseph Mukungubila as some sort of Guru.  

Mende said several justifications have been put forth to explain Monday's violence, and that they are political in nature. He said it is hard to link them with any "plan of God," and difficult to see how one individual could have the right to wreak havoc in society because he is upset about a nomination to some post. Mende said political and judicial means exist for addressing these kinds of grievances.

Political and judicial means don't exist for addressing the grievances of the batshit crazy. Most societies deem them as clinically or in this case criminally insane and lock them up. It would seem to me to be a good option for this so called man of God.

On Monday, young men who briefly captured the state TV station went on the air and identified themselves as followers of Mukungubila.

The station was one of three locations that were attacked in the capital city.

Alex Engwete goes on to observe

" We are here right in the midst of the realm of magical realism, what Yuma called "actionable theology," that is, "a reading of Scriptures yielding immediate practical results and action in the here-and-now."

It is hard to see this as anything other than a massive disconnect with reality. However the idiot responsible for this act of insanity wrote a couple of weeks ago this drivel. 

" Remember what I said about our military: our army is weak, a strong army. And thank you God, the thing has come true because our military come to dislodge the M23 our land.

Alas, they were dislodged but the country is full of Rwandan soldiers in all the cities and even in Kinshasa. As a sign of their presence in Kinshasa, they were seen on patrol. And during their patrol, they met a couple Binza Ozone, a man who accompanied his wife about to give birth; Tutsi soldiers will disembowel the woman like a goat to see where the baby lay."

Sort of ignores the role of the Intervention ( Africa ) Brigade and then suggests that the Congolese Army FARDC is comprised of Rwandan soldiers along with the standard anti-Tutsi racism that is inflicted on members of that ethnic group despite their Congolese citizenship. I have no doubt this arsehole would have been an active participant in the the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. 

A press release from "the Office of the Prophet" posted to Facebook and released by the pastor's Twitter account said the attacks were a spontaneous uprising by his followers in several parts of the country. The statement says the uprising was a response to security forces that had stopped young followers from distributing leaflets the day before, and then attacked the pastor's home in the southeastern town of Lubumbashi.

I don't believe a word of it.

The web site for Mukungubila's ministry, called the Ministry of Restoration From Black Africa , dubs him the "Prophet of the Eternal."

A series of YouTube videos that profile Mukungubila bill him as "marrying the priesthood and politics."

Yes it is little wonder he polled less than 1 percent. The separation of church and state is a fairly widely accepted concept.

Mukungubila ran for president in 2006, but won less than one percent of the vote. He has since been a minor, if vocal, political figure, frequently and vehemently criticizing President Joseph Kabila and the neighboring country of Rwanda.

I think that declaring him insane is probably the solution. Either that or sending him off to the USA where idiots of this type seem to have a constituency and the state is better prepared to deal with the consequences of this sort of insanity.

Mukungubila has confirmed to several international media outlets that his followers took part in Monday's attacks. It remains unclear, however, if he had any role in coordinating the violence or if his followers acted on their own.

Really ? Independent action I think it is fairly clear Mukungubila orchestrated this.

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