Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bladerunner - The future of prostitution

Some groundbreaking research out of Victoria University New Zealand will solve the ignominy of prostitution in about 50 years time ( or when I am 84 and sex will be the last thing on my mind ).

" Machines have already changed the face of manufacturing industries, but what happens when prostitutes find themselves replaced by robots? Will machines populate our brothels instead of flesh and blood people? Will the social stigma of paying for sex fade? And how will the availability of robotic sex partners impact countries whose economies depend, in part, on sex tourism? "

I really don't care to much about the counties but the idea of a Daryl Hannah robot certainly grabs my attention.

" In their paper "Robots, men and sex tourism," which appears in the current issue of the journalFutures, Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the University of Wellington's Victoria Management School explore how robotic prostitutes could provide a solution to many of the problems associated with the sex trade, namely human trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitting infections. Taking a cue from predictions by European Robotics Research Network chairman Henrik Christensen — who claims folks will be having sex with robots in five years — and University of Maastricht robotics researcher David Levy, who predicts that Massachusetts will legalize human-robot marriage by 2050 — Yeoman and Mars try to envision what Amsterdam's red-light district would look like in 2050:"

David Levy sounds like a forward thinking guy.

" The Yub-Yum is Amsterdam's top sex club for business travellers located beside a 17th century canal house on the Singel. It is modern and gleaming with about 100 scantily clad blonde and brunettes parading around in exotic G-strings and lingerie. Entry costs s10,000 for an all inclusive service. The club offers a full range of sexual services from massages, lap dancing and intercourse in plush surroundings. The Yub-Yum is a unique bordello licensed by the city council, staffed not by humans but by androids. This situation came about due to an increase in human trafficking in the sex industry in the 2040s which was becoming unsustainable, combined with an increase in incurable STI's in the city especially HIV which over the last decade has mutated and is resistant to many vaccines and preventive medicines."

If the past is a foreign country I guess the future is to. It is nice to know that an inflatable sex partner isn't the only possible destination available.

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